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Los Angeles Third-Party Work Injury Claims

Filing a Third-Party Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Most work-related injuries are covered under California’s no-fault workers’ compensation system. This means that you can seek benefits after a workplace injury regardless of who was to blame. In fact, if you are covered by workers’ compensation, this typically means you cannot sue your employer after an accident—even if you believe your employer was negligent.

However, there are some circumstances in which it may be appropriate and/or necessary to file a third-party work injury lawsuit. This may be the case when an individual or entity other than your employer is legally liable for your injuries. In other words, if an unrelated third party caused your injuries while you were on the job, you may be able to bring a third-party work injury claim against that party and seek supplemental compensation for your damages.

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When Can You Bring a Third-Party Work Injury Claim?

If you are covered by workers’ compensation—and most California employees are—you cannot sue your employer after a work-related accident or injury. You can only file a workers’ compensation claim and recover for your medical costs and lost wages through the workers’ compensation system. However, if you were injured on the job because of the negligent or wrongful conduct of an unrelated third party, you could have grounds to file a lawsuit against the third party.

Some examples of when it may be possible to file a third-party work injury claim include:

  • You were hit by a distracted driver while on your route as a commercial truck driver
  • A loose dog bit you while you were out making a delivery
  • A subcontractor provided defective materials
  • You were injured after using fault machinery, equipment, or tools

Essentially, any time another person or party’s negligent or wrongful conduct causes you injury, even when you are on the job, you have the right to file a personal injury claim (or third-party claim) against the at-fault party.

If you are unsure whether you have grounds for a work injury claim, reach out to our Los Angeles third-party work injury claims attorneys at the Barkhordarian Law Firm today. We are happy to answer your questions and provide the information you need to move forward.

The Benefits of Pursuing Supplemental Compensation

While workers’ compensation offers a relatively fast way to receive monetary assistance after a work-related injury or illnesswithouthaving to prove anyone was at fault, it is also limited in the benefits it provides. Not only are you only eligible to recover for certain types of losses, but you also can only recover up to certain amounts. For example, workers’ compensation does not provide complete wage replacement benefits; instead, temporary and permanent disability benefits are calculated based on a percentage of your average weekly wages.

One of the main benefits of seeking supplemental compensation through a third-party work injury claim is that you can recover compensation for the full value of your damages. This means you can make up for all your lost wages and income, include future expected earnings.

Another benefit of filing a third-party work injury lawsuit is that you can seek compensation for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. Workers’ compensation does not provide any benefits for intangible losses—only those with a set monetary value. But at the Barkhordarian Law Firm, we recognize that serious work-related injuries, illnesses, and new disabilities nearly always come with immense physical and emotional hardship. We believe that you deserve to be compensated for these losses, as well as your future lost quality of life.

Helping Injured Workers Get Back on Their Feet

At the Barkhordarian Law Firm, we are committed to helping injured workers evaluate all their legal options after a serious on-the-job accident or work-related injury. If you were hurt at work and believe a third party may be to blame, contact our Los Angeles third-party work injury lawyers to discuss your rights during a no-obligation consultation.

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