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Lawsuits for Religious Discrimination Against Workers

The Barkhordarian Law Firm in Los Angeles proudly represents workers and job seekers who have faced religious discrimination. You have the right to practice whatever religion you want. No place of employment should be allowed to interfere with your beliefs or to penalize you for holding them. If this happens to you, then it might be time to sue.

Our Los Angeles religious discrimination lawsuit attorneys are standing by. Contact us by calling if you think an employer or company has treated you negatively because of your faith.

Examples of Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination is not always as blatant as an employer hanging a sign telling people of a certain creed to not apply. In fact, most employers and corporations know that they can get into serious legal trouble if they discriminate against an employee or potential employee based on that person’s religion. This doesn’t stop them all from discriminating, though. Instead, it only motivates those wrongdoers from finding less obvious ways to discriminate.

You could be the victim of religious discrimination and not fully realize it because the perpetrator is acting carefully to mask their actions. If you suspect that something is wrong, you should contact our firm to get more information from legal professionals who know such cases back-to-front.

Examples of religious discrimination can include:

  • Discarding an application because the employer thinks the person’s name “sounds” like they practice a certain religion.
  • Passing “light-hearted” jokes around the office or in emails about a specific religion or belief.
  • Dismissing the complaints of an employee who reports religious-based harassment from coworkers.
  • Excluding employees who share religious beliefs from events and job opportunities.
  • Failing to accommodate for an employee’s religious practices or beliefs, such as requiring an employee to work on his or her Sunday Sabbath, forcing an employee to remove her hijab to comply with a company dress code, or prohibiting employees from displaying religious icons in their workspaces.

What Can a Discrimination Lawsuit Do?

Many people who have faced religious discrimination in the workplace will, unfortunately, feel like there is nothing they can do about it. They might have been misinformed to believe that lawsuits against employers don’t do anything but get the plaintiff fired. This is not the truth. If you want to challenge the discrimination and stand up for yourself, then taking the legal route with a lawsuit might be your only viable option.

When a religious discrimination lawsuit succeeds, it can result in:

  • Financial compensation paid to you to penalize your employer for failing to stop or appropriately react to the discrimination.
  • Termination of the worst offenders in your religious discrimination case.
  • Improved company training to reduce the chances of similar discrimination from occurring to other employees in the future.
  • Updated legislation that addresses the root of the issue at a statewide or possibly nationwide level.

If you’re hesitant to pursue your religious discrimination case just for your own benefit, then please remember that you could be helping your coworkers and workers in other companies you might never meet. Our team would be happy to discuss with you all the potential benefits that a claim can bring, so you can feel more confident in your decision to pursue a claim or not.

Talk to Our Team – We’re Here to Help

The best thing about hiring our Los Angeles religious discrimination attorneys is that we can take over all aspects of your case. You don’t need to worry about any legal complications. Whenever you would have to interact with the opposition or another party, we can act on your behalf, too, sparing you from any frustrations or nerves. Please make the decision to put our team in charge of your case today, so you can pursue justice without adding any stress to your shoulders.

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