California inflation has made life difficult for many residents. These days, keeping a job is necessary more than ever. However, the most underrated and less talked about factors that may make life more difficult for the employed are work stress and mental health issues. Many Americans who endure mental health struggles at work daily find it difficult to take time off due to their necessity to help provide for their family. Although it is inconvenient, it may be something worth looking into through a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ comp cases are usually known for injured employees and helping them navigate life outside of work with injuries such as a broken bone, burn injury etc. These cases may also carry additional injuries such as a mental health or stress claim, so it is more difficult to prove a mental health/ stress claim as a lone injury.

It is important to note that your psychiatric and stress issues should be purely tied to work. As mentioned before, there needs to be sufficient evidence, over 50% to be exact, that work is the primary cause of your mental health issues. It is imperative to understand that performance criticism such as attendance, punctuality, and efficiency are NOT justifiable reasons to submit a work-related stress claim.

With all this stated, the process of taking legal action should also not be considered for a stress related claim. The final, if not one of the most important factors to be noted, is being employed with your company for a minimum of six months. If you want to know if you have a case in your hands, please contact the Legal team at the Barkhordarian Law Firm at 888-514-5112.

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