With immigration issues consistently present, a lot of employees have a hard time dealing with an injury, their immigration status and whether they should report this injury to their employer.

    According to the National Safety Council there were a reported 4.53 million “medically-ill consulted injuries” in 2022. With multiple injuries being reported it is important to know and understand your benefits.

          Although it may seem that no protection and benefits may exist to undocumented citizens, that is far from the truth. All employees regardless of their immigration status have the right to workers compensation benefits.

          Furthermore, it does not make a difference how long you have been working for your employer for you to receive said benefits, from the moment you are hired on you are entitled to benefits should you get injured on the job.

          This is your sign to speak to your employer or supervisor if you have been hurt at work, then contact the Attorneys at The Barkhordarian Law Firm.

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