Thousands of workers suffer injuries each year while on the job. Unfortunately, it often means they may be unable to do their same job duties, and a loss of income can impact your life significantly. It’s vital to recognize how to obtain workers’ compensation and how it may affect your ability to continue working.

One of the questions we get asked by injured workers is, “can I still work and recover workers’ compensation benefits?” There’s no clear-cut answer to this question, and several factors can impact your ability to work while also recovering benefits. Working with the right legal counsel can help set you up for success.

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You Can Work While Receiving Workers’ Comp

In the most straightforward situation, yes. However, specific variables play a factor in what your options are, such as doctor-mandated restrictions that can limit your work duties. For instance, if the doctor restricts your work, and you obtain special accommodations because of it, you have to follow those restrictions, or you may lose your benefits.

In many cases, a workplace injury can require you to change your position, which could essentially lower your income. Workers’ compensation may help you supplement some of the income that you lost because of your work injury. When this happens, you can remain working, but it may limit your income compared to what you typically receive.

If you do anything to compromise the doctor’s orders, it can result in you losing your benefits. As such, it is imperative to listen to any and all advice from a doctor after your workplace injury so that you don’t risk losing out on the benefits you deserve.

Navigating Multiple Jobs

If you have more than one job, you and all employers must follow restrictions set forth by your doctor. One employer may not be able to change your position or provide you with reasonable accommodations. In these cases, you may not be able to work a second job. It helps to speak with a lawyer in this case to determine how workers’ compensation benefits play a role.

Your inability to work one of the jobs can result in you receiving temporary benefits that compensate you for the missed wages.

Many injured workers may look for another job if their current employer doesn’t make the accommodations they need. One important thing to know is that accepting a new job can limit your benefits. After all, your workers’ compensation insurance is often through your employer, so changing your job can change your coverage.

Finding a new job that pays you more can disqualify you from receiving temporary disability. It’s advisable to speak with a legal professional to determine what benefits you may recover and the most effective way to get through the process. You don’t want to encounter a mistake that significantly impacts your ability to obtain compensation and benefits.

AtBarkhordarian Law Firm, we aim to provide you with tenacious advocacy during a time when you need it the most. Suffering a workplace injury is never easy. You should have someone on your side who knows the system, the ability to recover workers’ compensation, and the impact your job can have on your benefits.

Our Los Angelesworkers’ compensationattorneys work to provide you with the benefits you need. We’re committed to your best interests because you deserve to have someone on your side, giving you a voice against insurance companies who try to limit how much you may recover. Let us seek justice on your behalf.

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