Searching for a job while battling mental health conditions can make the task even more challenging than it already is. Though it is certainly a disadvantage, it is a possible task to achieve. Here are some tips for anyone suffering from mental health issues but looking for a job:

Disability questions are voluntary– often, on applications, there is a section inquiring about disabilities (including mental health conditions). Although discrimination is illegal, there is a stigma that still exists. Whether you acknowledge your mental health conditions on your application or not, always remember that the information is voluntary and up to the applicant if they want to disclose it or not.

Take your time– finding a job can take an emotional toll on someone struggling with mental health disabilities. Searching for positions can be stressful, interviews can cause anxiety, and rejections can be difficult to experience, so taking it one day at a time is important. Stay focused on what is present, and don’t feel the need to rush the process. This will help control overwhelming feelings and anxiety attacks.

Look into other options– a wide variety of unconventional jobs and job-search opportunities may work in favor of someone suffering from mental health conditions. There are low-stress ways of searching for jobs, such as through social media or job apps. For people who benefit from working outside stressful work environments, remote or freelance opportunities may be a good option. Others who have ideas that they are passionate about may want to consider starting a business. This could be anything, from dog walking to landscaping.

Contact a Lawyer

If you are experiencing discrimination in your workplace, you should contact a skilled attorney immediately. Discrimination in the workplace is illegal, and you have the right to protect yourself. Here at Barkhordarian Law Firm, we have years of experience fighting cases like yours and have what it takes to be your voice. Our award-winning attorneys are committed to offering you the support you need throughout the process. We want you to succeed!

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