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The Most Common Forms of Discrimination at Work

Workplace discrimination in any form is challenging to endure. Employers should treat employees fairly, but they often make decisions based on factors other than experience, ability, and knowledge. Below, we’ll detail some of the more common forms of discrimination that you may experience.

Age Discrimination

Typically, age discrimination occurs with employees over the age of 40. Employers should value the wisdom that often comes with many years of experience, but sometimes they choose to fire or pass over people based on their age.

Disability Discrimination

Disability is another protected class under employment law. If someone has a disability but is physically and mentally capable of doing the job, the disability should not matter. Unfortunately, many employees look at a person’s disability as a handicap that would prevent them from doing something, impacting their hiring, firing, and advancement decisions.

Gender Discrimination

Gender equality is what workplaces should focus on, but it doesn’t matter to some employers far too often. Employers may promote someone based on their gender over someone else who deserves it more. Employers should never look at gender discrimination as the deciding factor when making important business decisions, but it’s something that happens more than it should.

Racial Discrimination

Finally, another big problem in the workplace is racial discrimination. The law prevents employers from determining any employee aspect based on someone’s race. A person’s race is a protected class, among many others, and should not be a factor when making decisions, including matters of:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Pay
  • Job assignments and duties
  • Promotions
  • Training
  • Benefits

Our team at Barkhordarian Law Firm is here to help you through challenging situations. As an employee, you have rights that keep you from experiencing discrimination in the workplace. However, when employers overlook those rights and the laws associated with them, you can work with our Los Angeles discrimination lawyers to pursue maximum compensation.

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