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How Can I Prove Potential Workplace Discrimination?

If you feel your employer discriminates against you because of your race, age, gender, color, sexual orientation, or any other protected class, it can become difficult to prove. Finding the right evidence in your case is crucial, but it may not seem like it’s always possible. Working with the right legal team can help, but there are a few specific things you can look for that help build your case.

Your Protected Class

First, consider your status in a potentially protected class. If you are over 40, your age is a protected class. If you are pregnant, you are also part of a protected class. It can sometimes feel like an employer is making decisions based on skill or merit; however, being part of a protected class can raise some discrimination concerns.

If you are in a protected class, be sure to speak with a lawyer and look out for other pieces of evidence that can indicate discrimination.

Direct Evidence

Direct evidence of discrimination can be extremely helpful when filing your report. Of course, an employer will never admit to discriminating against an employee. Recorded statements or actions may be direct evidence as long as you can show a direct link between the employer’s actions and their impact on your employment.

Circumstantial Evidence

Circumstantial evidence would be similar to “he said, she said” situations. You can claim that your employer fired you because of your age or race, but there’s no direct evidence that discrimination has occurred. Circumstantial evidence can include:

  • The suspicious timing of an employer’s decision.
  • Evidence showing others who are not in your protected class receiving better treatment.
  • Evidence showing qualification of merit and skill, but you were passed over for an opportunity.

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