Employees should feel comfortable in their workplace. Unfortunately, discrimination is a problem that runs rampant. Employers must take steps to protect their employees, but they sometimes fail in those efforts. As an employee, you should recognize some of the ways that employers should prevent workplace discrimination.

If the employer does not do what is necessary to prevent discrimination, you can use this to strengthen your case and show wrongdoing. Here are some of the things that should be in place.

Develop a Policy for Rules and Procedures

Employers should create an easy-to-understand policy that dictates how supervisors, employees, and more should act. An employee handbook can detail what discrimination is, but more importantly, it should outline ways for people to report the discrimination and feel safe.

Create a Set Resolve for Discrimination Complaints

Employees should feel they have a safe place to report discrimination and have confidence that something will happen. Make sure your employer has a process for resolving complaints, including disciplinary action and an individual approach to each situation.

Continue Education Regarding Discrimination and Employees’ Roles

While employers may have an employee handbook that details discrimination, they should also ensure they provide ongoing education on the matter to all employees. Encourage employees to understand what discrimination is and how they can prevent it from occurring in the workplace.

When employers fail to protect their employees, they may be held accountable. Even more, when it’s the employer who is discriminating against you, know that you have legal rights to pursue compensation.

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