Workplace discrimination comes in many different forms, and it is never easy for workers to experience behavior that undermines their basic employee rights. When an employee endures discrimination andharassment, they have the legal rights to hold their employer accountable for the damages they experience.

Here are the different types of workplace discrimination that exist:

While these are all different types of workplace discrimination you may encounter, you should know how they impact you and your employment. If you feel your employer discriminates against you, know that you can report the wrongdoings and protect your rights with strong legal representation on your side.

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What Are California’s Protected Classes?

California has a significant list of protected classes that keep employees safe in the workplace. While these protected classes should prevent discrimination, it’s not always the case. Here are California’s protected classes:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion (including dress practices
  • Gender (including pregnancy and gender identity)
  • Sexual orientation and marital status
  • Medical condition and disability
  • Ancestry or national origin
  • Age for those over 40 years old
  • Military status

Employers cannot discriminate against anyone for the above reasons. Also, if you request medical leave or family leave, your employer cannot use this request as a reason to discriminate against you.

How Does Discrimination Impact You?

While the various types of discrimination vary, they typically impact employment in similar ways. Some of the problems associated with discrimination include:

  • Not hiring someone because of their age, race, gender, disability, etc.
  • Passing someone over for a raise or promotion they deserve
  • Firing a person because of their characteristics
  • Creating an uncomfortable work environment

When an employer creates a hostile work environment because of an employee’s race, age, or any other protected class, they can be held accountable. Unfortunately, some employers make decisions based on employee characteristics rather than skill. In these scenarios, employees who endure the wrongdoing can seek damages for the discrimination they endure.

What Should I Do If My Boss Discriminates Against Me?

If your boss discriminates against you, it helps to take steps that protect your legal rights. Keep in mind that other people may be responsible for discriminating because they do things that create ahostile work environment(e.g., coworkers bullying someone). In these situations, you can report the acts against you to your supervisor or employer.

If your employer is responsible for the discrimination, you can report the wrongdoings to government agencies tasked with overseeing employees’ rights. You may pursue compensation for the income you may lose because of the discrimination, but you may also seek compensation for the emotional damages you endure.

Many employees don’t report discrimination because they fear retaliation. However, there are laws in place, even in an at-will work state like California, that protect employees. No matter your situation, you should never have to experience discrimination or harassment in the workplace that causes you financial losses, emotional damages, and more.

AtBarkhordarian Law Firm, we recognize how challenging it is to experience discrimination at work. Not only does discrimination make for an uncomfortable work environment, but it can also prevent you from moving up in a company or receiving a raise you rightfully deserve. In these times, you want to ensure you have someone on your side who can help you through complex legal matters.

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