According to theCalifornia Equal Pay Act, employers are prohibited from paying any of their employees wage rates that are less than what it plays employees of the opposite sex, another race, or a different ethnicity, for substantially similar work when viewed as a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility, and performed under similar working conditions. There are many different types of discrimination, but some of the most common types seen in the workplace include the following:

  • Sex and gender discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Age discrimination

Employees suffering from wage discrimination can be challenged in many ways, especially when trying to take legal action for an employer’s wrongdoing. The workplace should be a safe space, so it’s important to know that you should never feel wrong for taking legal action.

Should I Consider Working With an Attorney?

Working with an attorney can have many benefits when you suspect you may be a victim of wage discrimination. Consulting with a skilled legal professional can help you gain insight into the details of your case and better understand your right and options moving forward.

When choosing the best legal representation for your case, it’s crucial you choose an attorney who you trust and who has years of experience working with these types of cases. They will be able to provide you with the accurate information you need to prove you are suffering from wage discrimination successfully.

We Can Help

Proving that you are a victim of wage discrimination can be difficult without adequate representation. If you suspect you are a victim of wage discrimination, you should contact a skilled attorney immediately, as you may be owed financial compensation.

Here at Barkhordarian Law Firm, we have a team of knowledgeable attorneys who are dedicated to getting you the justice you deserve. With years of fighting for other people like you, we have what it takes to get you the justice you deserve. Let us be your voice.

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