So, you’ve been in an accident or are having issues at work or maybe you just need general legal advice? Hiring the right attorney can make all the difference with how successful or unsuccessful your case may turn out. Before you jump the gun let’s make sure that you hire the right lawyer for your issue. There are a set of questions you should follow to ensure that you are hiring the best legal team.


  • At the beginning of your search, you want to start vetting through friend recommendations if possible or by reading the reviews that other clients have left. You are going to round up roughly 3-4 law firms before making your final decision.
  • Most law firms will offer free consultations which should be used for asking questions and getting to know your attorneys. With this time, you should follow this checklist and ask the following questions:
  • The first thing you should consider is the amount of experience your case is important, so you want to make sure it’s in the best hands possible. Furthermore, you want to make sure that your lawyer has experience handling your legal issue.
  • The next important question you want to ask is the fees that will be charged per case. Some attorneys charge upfront to take on case and other attorneys don’t charge you, but they will take a percentage of the settlement. Understanding how you will be charged for representation is an important factor in selecting the best attorney.
  • The final question is a two-part question, getting to know your legal team. Which means getting to know the lawyer and the paralegals that will be handling your case as they will be the ones that you will be communicating with the most. With that being said, you want to make sure that you and your legal team are on the same page communication -wise. You want to make sure that your legal team is hands on and able to respond to you in a timely manner if you have any questions or if new information arises.
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