Bus accidents


Whether it’s school or city bus accidents, the turmoil received by either one is detrimental. California, being the state with the most bus registrations, also poses a threat to potential bus accidents. According to Statistica.com, as of 2021, California has registered 94,889 busses, trumping the second-highest state, New York.

School bus accidents alone killed 108 people in 2021, “up 50% compared to the pandemic-related low number of 54 deaths.” With this information in mind, knowing the risks associated with bus accidents and how to seek legal assistance if you are seriously hurt is essential.

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Who is responsible?

Determining who would be liable in a bus accident case is tricky without looking at all the facts. The first thing to determine is the caution that the bus driver took while operating the vehicle. If it can be determined that negligence from the bus driver is what caused the accident, they will be liable for the damage caused. In another example, if poor maintenance by the bus company caused the accident, then the bus company is responsible for the accident.

Also, if the accident was caused due to unsafe road conditions, the construction company involved may be responsible for the damage. And lastly, if it is discovered that one of the parts of the bus is faulty, the manufacturer of the part should be held responsible through third-party liability. Again, each case is different, and circumstances vary from scenario to scenario.

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