Understanding the injury

Whiplash is when your head and neck abruptly move out of range back and forth from its original position. This motion can injure the bones in your neck and potentially your spine. This injury is most produced from car accidents according to Kaiser Permanente but can also be caused by sporting accidents and accidental falls. Symptoms are expected to last a few days but may extend over a period of months. Although this injury is not severe, it can be uncomfortable and affect productivity.

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Do I have a case if I have whiplash from an auto accident?

Whiplash is normally brought on with a multitude of additional injuries, however if whiplash is the result of a car accident, this is indeed a valid reason for a case. Dealing with these injuries may not be as simple as taking pain medication for ease, this injury may require you to see a doctor which mat ask to schedule expensive follow up procedures such as an MRI, X-Rays, or CT scan. Ultimately, this will determine proper diagnoses and treatment.

How can the barkhordarian law firm help me with my whiplash injury?

Our personal injury attorneys are experts in all auto accidents or slip & fall accidents that may cause whiplash. The symptoms that can pause daily activities alone are a case to be made, and the expenses that follow are a prime example of why you need a dedicated team by your side. We will make sure we uncover and present all damages to ensure maximum compensation for your troubles physically and financially. Make sure you call us at 888-514-5112 or schedule a callback.

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