Slip and fall

I have fallen, and I’m hurt; now what?

A Slip and fall usually can be an accident or it may be related to someone else’s negligence. These cases are called Premise Liability Cases. What this usually entails is that there is enough evidence to prove that the damage caused by a slip and fall was a direct result of the property owner’s negligence. Usually, damages increase for senior citizens as the Centers for Disease Control report that the elderly, (typically 65+ years) run a greater mortal risk. This is, in fact, the “leading cause of injury death in this age group.” also reports that “8 million people visit” an emergency room due to a slip and fall case. Most slip-and-fall attorneys will begin by building your case the best way possible, gathering as much evidence as possible through witness statements, photographs, and surveillance footage.

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What to look out for?

There are several factors to consider in a slip-and-fall case that can hurt or help. The first element that can hurt is if the victim was on the property illegally. Trespassers or thieves have a harder time proving negligence if they were not supposed to be on the premises to begin with. Another factor that can hurt a case is if the hazard which caused the fall was obvious and it was the victim’s lack of concentration that caused the fall. What can help is taking photos of the hazard that caused the injury or having a friend or nearby witness do it.

What is my compensation?

Compensation looks different for every case. A lot is considered when determining the final amount. There are two types of damages, Economic and non-economic damages. Economic include but are not limited to medical bills, prescription meds, lost wages, lost earning potential, property damage, and any other financial hardship caused by this injury. Non-economic damages may be Pain and suffering mentally and emotionally, disfigurement, or any disability that this may have caused.

Where do I start?

Slip and fall cases can get tricky, and difficult to understand. An experienced slip-and-fall lawyer will not only make sure to gather all evidence needed for the maximum compensation but will be there to answer all of your questions. We know and have what it takes to be that for you. We charge no upfront costs to speak to you, and if we do not win your case, there are no charges to you. Let us stand with you in your fight for justice. Call us at 888-514-5112 or schedule your free call back.

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